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We are a management consulting firm with a focus on technology, innovation and research.

We are great at what we do because we understand that creating solutions to complex challenges need persistence, ingenuity and expertise in multiple disciplines. Our leaders incorporate the smart and the practical, review and challenge assumptions, and bring to bear talent and initiative that pushes the boundaries beyond the obvious. We are fully engaged and committed to creating great outcomes for you.

As a client, we commit to bring in top quality capabilities, individualized to fit your target, and complementary to the capabilities that you bring in. Our approach is designed to mitigate biases and lack of agency, and align our risks and incentives with yours.

As a partner, you will be part of a diverse, vibrant team, brilliant minds from around the globe. You will work on challenging projects where you have the real possibility of making an impact.

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We believe in the power of the human mind to bring about positive change. We strive to learn from, yet be unconstrained by the past. We believe that decisive action today leads to a better tomorrow.

As an organization and as individuals, we value intellectual honesty, clarity of thought & action, integrity and mindfulness, being true to oneself and others.


Technology Consulting

  • Innovation & Product Development
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • IoT & Electronics
  • Innovation & Product Development
  • Process Automation
  • Accessibility & Assistive Technology

Applied Research

  • Mode 2 Research
  • Product R&D
  • Management Research
  • IP Creation & Management
  • Transdisciplinary Research
  • Human Factors Research

Management Consulting

  • Organizational Design & Development
  • Venture Finance
  • Transformation & Change Management
  • CXO Services
  • Operations Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Risk Management



  • Concept to Scale up Services
  • Product Development
  • CXO Services
  • Venture Financing


  • Product R&D
  • Growth and Transformation
  • Venture Financing
  • Organizational Design

Social & Non Profit

  • Management Research
  • Growth and Transformation
  • Structuring and Financing
  • Technology Development & Management


  • Growth and Transformation
  • Deal Advisory
  • Management Research

Public & Government

  • Management Research
  • Innovation Management
  • Mode 2 Research
  • Policy Analysis


Do you have an agenda that you would like to advance, or a challenge that needs a solution? Are you an innovator looking to collaborate?

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